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We are Trainer Connections

Trainer Connections was established to provide administrative, payroll and marketing support to trainers of all levels, particularly those who are finding the burden of the complete business package beyond their endurance limits.

Also, there are some who are proficient in the above tasks, but simply don’t have the time as their stable of horses increases in number. Either way, the future belongs to those who set up their business to succeed. No business, no matter what kind, can survive in the long term without planning, organized processes, good communications, proper cash flow management and discipline in administrative tasks.

If you believe that help is needed in any of the above disciplines, then have a “no obligation” chat with us at TC and see if any of our services can help you achieve your horse training objectives.

The services offered are modular in nature, meaning that you can take on as few or as many as you feel you need assistance with.

Our Services Include

Collection of Training Fees
(Accounts Receivable)

TC uses a unique Central Billing System to automate payment of owner’s monthly accounts. This approach has two benefits, firstly it ensures that owners pay their accounts on time and secondly, it ensures that you receive your money within a couple of days of the end of each month.

Paying your Bills
(Accounts Payable)

TC can assist you to keep on top of your debts to suppliers and other parties.

Bookkeeping, Preparation of BAS Statements & Making GST Payments

TC will assist a trainer to keep accounting records up to date and ensure that all of the ongoing obligations are met in a timely manner.

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For those trainers who engage staff, either part time or full time, TC staff can work with you to tailor a payroll solution that suits the size and scope of your training operation.

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Occupational Health & Safety

One of the areas where business owners incur the most grief is in respect of keeping up to date with constant changes in O.H. & S. legislation. T.C. has access to all of the latest changes to health and safety laws and can ensure that your stable is made aware of its obligations.

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Getting results from Marketing activities can be very difficult to quantify, so it is really vital to use the best mediums to ensure that you reach those people who are most likely to use your services, for the least possible cost.

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You can be one of the best trainers in the business, but if your Owners feel “left in the dark” about what is going on with their horses, you can be sure that your relationship will not last. T.C. can undertake to communicate on your behalf with your Owners to ensure that your relationship remains strong with the people who pay the bills.


Trainer Connections is the holder of a Financial Services Licence and has available a legally prepared Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which is made available to its Trainers free of charge, saving them up to $3,000 in the cost of having a PDS prepared. This PDS allows trainers to go to the marketplace and publicly advertise shares in their horse. TC will also work with a Trainer to sell shares, register the syndicate and ensure that all of the requirements of the Governing Racing Body in each State are adhered to. TC will then manage the monthly financial affairs of the syndicate on the Trainer’s behalf at no cost to the Trainer.

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These are but a few of the services that we can work with you to develop

If any of the above services offered by TC are of interest to you from across the spectrum of tasks that you need to undertake to be a successful businessman or business woman, please call and discuss how TC can be of assistance.

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