Case Study

Do You Pay Bills Without Looking at Them?

Would you call an Indian Call Centre over a three cent discrepancy in your phone bill? If your answer is yes, you are beyond help. If your answer is no, then read on.

Would you pay an invoice not knowing what it is for? Of course not, but you might actually be doing it.

In all walks of life paying invoices can be a frustrating experience. Hidden costs, surcharges, additional fees rolling into one another, and all of a sudden you not only have an invoice that is more than expected, but you can’t understand why. Well, that’s where we at Trainer Connections come in.

We work with trainers who want their business dealings to be transparent. We have years of financial experience in the racing industry and we deal with trainers directly, checking their monthly owner’s account and verifying that all charges have supporting documentation . Yes, it’s work for us but it’s what we do to give you the peace of mind that owners deserve in racehorse ownership.

Does your trainer give you a breakdown of your monthly invoice?
Does your trainer put mark-ups on service provider costs?
Can you even tell if this is happening?
We can, and we check that all out for you.

On top of all that, once we approve a trainer’s invoice, we pay them on your behalf using our fixed-
monthly charge, via a direct debit system, and we pay them within seven days. The trainer gets paid on time and you as an owner get the satisfaction of knowing that your monthly invoice is correct and accurate.

Is your trainer using the Trainer Connections model? Or perhaps the question should be, why isn’t your trainer using the Trainer Connections model?

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