Case Studies

How Could BC3 Trade With No Licence?

The unfortunate incident regarding BC3 and Black Caviar’s half brother – ‘Jimmy’ – has again put racing in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. The condition of Jimmy turned for the worse over the last few days and on Sunday he was euthanized by vets on humane grounds. In the meantime the Director of BC3, […]

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Yearling Sales – Do the Figures Add Up?

The start of each year is sales season in the racing industry. Magic Millions on the Gold Coast kicks off the buying and selling with Inglis’ Classic, and New Zealand’s Karaka sales not far behind. Not to mention the Inglis Easter Yearling Sales just around the corner and every other sales taking place around Australia, […]

Shane Edwards Sells Without Consent

The thoroughbred racing industry oozes glamour, glitz and the prospect of fulfilling dreams. However, for the trusting owner, the reality may be far from glamorous. A recent case involving a horse trainer in Australia provides ample evidence of the need for caution when entering into the “Wondrous World” of racing as an owner. Former West […]

John O’Shea – Value of Transparency

Protection offered to racehorse owners by the Trainer Connections ownership model was never demonstrated more vividly than through the recent legal case involving leading Sydney horse trainer John O’Shea. Mr O’Shea was hit with a $500,000 damages bill after losing a case in the NSW Court of Appeal in 2012 as a result of being […]

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No ID Card for Unpaid Yearlings

Very few owners of two years olds would associate the fact that money owing on the horse when purchased by their Trainers at a yearling sales would be the reason that it is not at the races as a two year old. Whilst the practise of Auction Houses giving credit to Trainers at yearling sales […]

Do You Pay Bills Without Looking at Them?

Would you call an Indian Call Centre over a three cent discrepancy in your phone bill? If your answer is yes, you are beyond help. If your answer is no, then read on. Would you pay an invoice not knowing what it is for? Of course not, but you might actually be doing it. In […]

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