Central Billing System

Trainer Connections Central billing, a revolution in payment management for both owners and trainers

Say goodbye to the headaches of managing billing and invoicing

Trainer Connections has invested heavily in producing a unique, revolutionary payment management system for the horse racing industry. From our vast experience in the industry we have built a solution that takes what was once a complex, time-consuming task and transforms it into a streamlined process with numerous benefits for both owners and trainers.

For Owners:

  • Budget your horse racing investments through set monthly fees
  • Know how much you are spending
  • Automated 6-monthly account statements provided along with copy of invoices for this period
  • If the monthly fees collected aren’t spent on your horse they are offered back to you as a refund
  • Automated 6-monthly account statements provided
  • Full support via email and our customer support hotline

For Trainers:

  • Stop wasting time chasing fees
  • Invoices are paid within 5 days
  • Improve your stable cash flow
  • Create a better communication channel with your owners
  • Build loyalty with your owners
  • Reduce administration overheads
  • 63% of owners reinvesting in shares due to refunds from the training fees and the capability to budget with the set training fee
  • Full support via email and our customer support hotline
  • More time to spend focusing on what you do best
owners are currently using Trainer Connections Central Billing
bad debts experienced since the system was launched in 2013


From our trainers and owners


“In the past three years I have seen my stable go from 10 to 40 horses and stables in two states. This is due to the administrative help I have received from Trainer Connections. As a young trainer starting out it was imperative that I have my administration (cash-flow) in order, this helped me build great relationships with my suppliers from day one. I not only use the Trainer Connections central billing system but also their other services they provide, syndication, accounts payable, payroll, book-keeping, BAS statements, OH&S, marketing and communications. I have recently opened stables on the Gold Coast as a satellite to my Warwick Farm base; there is no way this could have happened without Trainer Connections. With these systems in place no horses can be taken out of my stable until all invoices are paid. I no longer chase bad debts and this is a massive headache most trainers would relate to”.

Owners of Manaya, Miss Granger, Nip of Time & Magic Panther

“What attracted us to Trainer Connections was firstly the thorough PDS, this gave us complete confidence in the company and then to find out there was zero mark-ups on the sale of the horse was very refreshing. Our trainer picked the horse he wanted to train and once the syndication process was done we were left in direct contact with Michael Costa.

Their billing system is simple and allows us to work in horse ownership to our budget as when know how much and when will be taken out every month. We receive a six monthly statement on our trust account and even receive a refund for any amount over one months training fee. This has allowed us to re-invest numerous times and we will continue to do so”.

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