Communications Management

There is no doubt that poor communication between a Trainer and his Owners is the number one cause of “bust ups” between the parties. Some people have a great gift for communicating whilst others find it more of a challenge. Also, in some instances, the sheer volume of work undertaken by a Trainer means that communications to Owners sometimes get delayed or overlooked.

You can be one of the best trainers in the business, but if your Owners feel “left in the dark” about what is going on with their horses, you can be sure that your relationship will not last.

When a horse is in training, Owners should be advised weekly, by some method, about what is happening with their horse. There are a number of mediums under which this can be easily achieved, including group emails, voicemail, social media and text messaging. T.C. can undertake to communicate on your behalf with your Owners to ensure that your relationship remains strong with the people who pay the bills.


TC services include:

  • We can collect information from you on a weekly basis about each horse in your stable and disseminate this information to your owners on your behalf,
  • Organisation of regular stable open days whereby the owners can feel part of the total environment of your stable,
  • Assistance with organising a social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook etc,
  • Website design and development
  • Creation of a video presentation about you and your stable that can be featured on your website.
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